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Adoption and Rescue


Sometimes people need to find new homes for their dogs, which is always misfortunate and very hard to do. We have only had to re-home one of our dogs that we have sold since we started our American Bulldog program. Given the economy and loss of work this particular family had to move from Maine down to Tennessee where they were promised a good job and a chance to pick up the pieces and put their lives back together. Whether it be financial troubles, health issues, loss of home or rental situation, etc…. These types of problems happen all the time and all across the country. I have actually helped families re-home their Bulldogs even when it was a dog that I didn’t produce and had never met. If the dog has no aggression problems and is good with children and family I have no problem with trying to help a good dog in finding another good home where he or she can spend the rest of their lives in a loving and caring home. The last thing we need is for a great Bulldog to end up in a shelter and be at risk of possibly being put down. It is actually in Northern Woods sales contract and I tell every person that buys a Bulldog from us that if they for whatever reason can’t take care of their Bulldog that we are to be notified and given first chance to take that dog back and find that dog another great home. We put a lot of time into making sure that our Bulldogs end up in the best homes available, where we feel comfortable with the fact that our puppy will be cared for and taken care of for the remainder of their lives. When things don’t go as planned and a dog must be re-homed, We Are Here To Help!!

We do run a professional breeding program so it is a fact that some dogs will not meet our expectations and health criteria. Sometimes when we Hip X-ray one of our young dogs they might not have as good of a set of hips as we would like to see. When this happens we will get that dog either Spayed-or-Neutered and look for a good home for that dog. When it comes to our female breeding dogs, we choose not to breed them into their later years so we will occasionally have a female dog that we will look to place into a great home once we retire her. We generally know ahead of time when we might plan to retire a female so if a middle-aged female might be a good addition to your family you should contact us and tell us what kind of a home you might be able to provide for one of our dogs. We love our dogs and this is hard to do but they definitely deserve to live the remaining years of their lives in the home of a family that will Love & Pamper them.

The Couch Beats the Kennel

So whether you like the sounds of helping a family that can no longer care for their dog or maybe like the idea of homing a younger dog that didn’t have the best hips in town or maybe you would like to provide a great home for a retired mother dog that deserves the cozy comforts of your home. Please contact us if you feel that you may be a good candidate for one of these particular types of “Adoptions-or-Rescues” We will be glad to talk to you about any future possibilities or get you on a waiting list for the type of dog that you are looking to add to your family.

You never know when a good loving Bulldog might become available for you to bring in to your home

They Will Thank You