Buddy is a Hybrid American Bulldog with the Old Southern White Standard bloodline coming from his daddy Chief, and his mother Taboo providing him with a touch more size, being a 50/50 blend of Johnson/Standard bloodline. Taboo isn’t the short bow-legged variety and neither is Buddy, with both of them being a bit taller and larger than a straight up standard A.B. Buddy is a very lean 110 lbs of American Bulldog and I believe he may still gain a few more pounds of muscle before he is finished his growth. Buddy is a good natured Bulldog and has his mother's “GOOFY” attitude which is very nice. He’s good with other dogs and he's not overly protective or dominant. He is a real head turner and Everybody Loves Buddy!



Buddy was bred out of:

Northern Woods American Bulldogs

Sire: Joshua's Snow Chief of Northern Woods

Dam: Northern Woods Taboo

High profile names in pedigree.

* Symmes Rip-n-Woody

* Blackwell's Black Eyed Susan

* Joshua Kennels - Cowboy OFA Exc.

* Joshua kennels - Josh OFA Exc.