Buddy Bear II

Buddy is an awesome representation of what an American Bulldog is supposed to be. He is simply said All Bulldog, and may be too much of a dog for some people that are unfamiliar with the breed. Buddy is exactly what most dog breed books would describe as a classic Old Southern working breed American Bulldog. He definitely has serious high drive and the Bulldog tenacity to do whatever you ask of him. Buddy is very eager to please, which comes from his strong loyalty for his owners. He is the only one of my dogs that has been used for hunting wild boar and from what I was told he loved it! I donít personally do any protection work or police dog training with my dogs, but I think if the police force had Bulldogs like Buddy there would be a lot of German Shepherds out there looking for new jobs.


With all my Bulldog experiences Iíve seen plenty of confidence, prey drive, protective instincts, dominance, affection, loyalty and love to know that Buddy is a very special Bulldog.




Some people will say the American Bulldog is the gladiator of all known breeds because of their quick athletic abilities entwined with their amazing strength and eagerness to fall 2nd to none. I have seen a mix of these qualities in ALL of my Bulldogs but have never seen the whole package together so intensely as I see in my Buddy. I now think I understand the true meaning of what a working class American Bulldog really truly is.


The Bud is very loyal and listens well and also is a dog that I feel complete comfort with around my children, close friends and family. He would like to be a part of everything all the time. He enjoys rides in the truck anytime heís invited and enjoys running our property lines daily scanning for anything that he might have missed on his previous lap. Buddy has been hip x-rayed, as all of the dogs in our program do, and received an O.F.A ďGoodĒ for his hip score. He is a staple of good health, weighing in at a strong 90 plus lbs, without 2 ounces of total fat on his complete body. I personally feel that matching Buddy with any female within my program will produce some beautiful and amazing Bulldogs that anybody would admire. Buddy Bear truly is a huge asset to Northern Woods today, and we surely hope he will be in the future, as well for our Bulldog program.


Thanks for the awesome Bulldog, Grant!!




Buddy Bear II was bred out of:


Sire: Hallís Dallas Dunnit- NKC05-900175208 (Lots of Douthitís blood & Joshua blood)

Dam: Hallís Lucky Shamrock- NKC05-900162806 (White Banditís, Crofts & Joshua bloodlines)


Buddy has some very nice bloodlines that will really compliment any female in my program.


Look here for Buddy's hip certification!