Cheetah was bred out of our Chief & Daja breeding. She was the alpha pup in that litter and started her life as a little spitfire and kept all the other pups in line. As a puppy she possessed some high drive and dominance. I thought she might be a tough girl to handle, but as she matured she has constantly showed me that she has a much mellower side. She still can show a little dominance because after all she is a Bulldog. For the best explanation of her temperament I would say she is very confident and not easily rattled. What might spook some dogs only raises her curiosities. She is actually quite laid back and wonderful with all people, strangers and children alike. We had her hips PennHIP x-rayed as we do with ALL of our dogs and she passed easily with no signs of hip dysplasia. She is 3-years old as I am writing this and she just had her 1st litter of puppies. As a mother she was a natural and proved to me right off that she would have no problem making my job very easy through the first few weeks of their young lives. Cheetah is very smart and was an easy puppy to raise, and has grown to be very easy to care for as an adult. She has always been healthy and has never had any health issues. We are very happy to have Cheetah in our line-up and feel that her qualities will help produce a very strong healthy line of loving, friendly sound-minded American Bulldogs.



Mother Cheetah - 4 Years Old


Young Cheetah - 18 Months Old

Look here for Cheetah's hip certification!