We bought our Cookie from Joshua Kennels and she was out of the Tamar & Bailey breeding. Two very nice looking Bulldogs from the Joshua Kennels bloodlines. Cookie got her name from her personality. I had some much tougher names in mind for her when she was a puppy but as I got to know her and the dog that she was, it became apparent that she was either going to be named Sugar, Pumpkin, Cupcake or something on the rather sweet side. Cookie simply said, is a lovebug! As a puppy she was a burly little thing and I thought for sure she was going to be a huge girl. As she matured she leaned out and started showing me some gorgeous lines. I absolutely love her structure and her temperament. She was PennHIP x-rayed with no signs of hip dysplasia and some really nice tight hips. With Cookie's gorgeous temperament, great looks and tight hips, she will pass on some very nice qualities to any breeding. We just love our little Cook!



Cookie at four years old and two beautiful litters later!


Cookie at just over a year old.


Cookie is daughter of:

Sire: Bailey of Joshua Kennels

Dam: Tamar of Joshua Kennels

Look here for Cookie's hip certification!