Grizzy is a beautiful male from our last Chief-n-Suzie litter. He is 115 lbs of friendly and loving American Bulldog. Grizz is just what Northern Woods was looking for after we retired his daddy Chief. Suzie has given Grizz his great temperament and Chief has given him some very solid structure. The Grizz is a very playful and friendly Bulldog that everybody loves when they meet him. He is a large framed standard bred old southern white. We had our fingers crossed that he would pass his hip x-rays and become part of the Northern Woods program and he did. He has just the type of temperament that I like to see in a Bulldog. Very confident of himself and outgoing as ever. Given that we just retired his parents from our breeding program I couldn't be happier to have him in my line up of Bulldogs to carry on his parents legacy. We just love this boy!


Grizzy at 3 years and 3 months old



Almost 3 years old



Pics at almost 2 years old




14 and a half months old!



10 months old


Look here for Grizzy's hip certification!