Joanah is a beautiful girl bred out of our very own Buddy & Cookie.  A litter so nice we had to keep both girls for ourselves. Joanah stood out early in the litter as a very compact and sturdy little girl. I knew right away I was going to keep her as she looked just like a female version of her daddy. Something we wanted to produce in our program for years.


At just under a year of age we had her hip x-ray tested and to our excitement she is now a solid addition to our Northern Woods Bulldog program with passing hip scores and no signs of hip dysplasia. She is a smart and very loving girl with a decent amount of drive. Her bone structure and muscle tone have always amazed me. The head on this girl has a striking resemblance to the head on her daddy. Very square and like a block! You may see looks like this on many males out there but for a female she really is something all the way around. Conformation is very nice and she is ripped with muscle. Not a huge girl but one thing hasn’t changed since she was a young pup. She is still Compact & Sturdy I will let her pictures speak for themselves….  I hope you enjoy them.



Look here for Joanah's hip certification!